The CIA World Factbook on the CIA website provides information on 267 countries and territories including their history, geography, people, society, government, economy, communications, and military. This is a good place to start for a very basic overview of a country.

Intended as a resource for expats, Just Landed provides information on all aspects of life in a selection of countries. This includes information on the requirements for visas and citizenship, jobs, housing (both rentals and purchases), the health system, banking, language, telephone and internet, education, starting your own company, travel tips, culture, and moving companies.

Operation World provides information for prayer points for each country in the world. Not as extensive as the book, CD-ROM, or DVD-ROM by the same name, the website gives a basic overview with challenges for prayer.

A ministry of Frontier Ventures, the Joshua Project provides statistical information on people groups and their level of evangelization. The website includes maps and resources that can be used for presentations or handouts.

The Global Prayer Digest, by Frontier Ventures, provides short daily articles with descriptions of unreached people groups, brief missionary biographies, and reports of missions activities. Content is available on the website, through a daily e-mail subscription, and in the form of a monthly print magazine.

The British Broadcasting Corporation website provides country profiles, with information on history, politics, and economy, on every country of the world, organized by region, as well as territories and international institutions like the Arab League and the European Union.

The Global Prayer Guide, by Voice of the Martyrs, is a free guide with summaries of information on restricted nations and hostile areas where Christians are persecuted. This information can also be accessed directly on their website.

Prayercast, a ministry of OneWay, produces videos, each around 3 minutes in length and available to download for free, with prayers for various nations. Their website also contains additional prayer points and background information.