In the process of researching a variety of practical missions resources, we came across many websites with member care resources for debriefing, counseling, and encouragement for missionaries. These are being made available on the website, but please note that the majority of these resources have not been extensively screened prior to their inclusion here. Please use your own discernment as you prayerfully seek help from these organizations, and let us know if you find any to be particularly helpful or if you have any concerns about any organization included.


Cornerstone Counseling is a centre in Thailand which provides counseling and debriefing for individuals, couples, families and groups. They also have an online library for current clients which can be used for book ideas for anyone.

Single Vision International offers annual retreats in Europe and Asia with an emphasis on the specific issues and needs of single missionaries. 

His Secret Place, Ministry to Missionaries runs a retreat in NewFoundland "to equip, encourage, empower and refresh missionaries from around the world in order to help them remain in their fields."

Piringa provides personal debriefing for families, couples, and singles involved in cross-cultural work in a residential setting in New Zealand.

Located at the base of the Jura Mountains in France, Le Rucher Ministries offers routine debriefing and crisis debriefing for individuals, families or teams. Their website also has links to other counseling and debriefing centers around the world.

Healthlink 360, located in Edinburgh, UK, offers medical, psychological, and travel health support to missions and aid workers. Their services include counselling by Skype or telephone when necessary.

One Another Ministries in Cannock, Staffordshire, England, provides pastoral care, debriefing, counseling, coaching, training, consulting, and resourcing for the development and care of mission organizations and their members at their residential facilities. They are also able to travel or provide services by phone or Skype. One Another has several initiatives to minister to specific groups: Shoulder 2 Shoulder focuses on single mission workers; Claybury International focuses on building leadership skills of those in ministry; First Priority  focuses on assisting missionaries as they pursue intimacy with God.

Located near Nottingham, England, Resilient Expat offers member care services to mission personnel and humanitarian workers. Their services include assessments, reviews, debriefing, retreats, education, training, supervision, mentoring, and therapy.

Penhurst Retreat Centre offers a variety of individual and guided retreats, including re-entry retreats and debriefing for missionaries, at their retreat centre in East Sussex, England.

Located in Hong Kong, Bethany is a retreat center offering rest, encouragement, and restoration to Christian cross-cultural workers, with a professional counselor on staff for anyone who wants to talk through an issue.

The Well International is a Christian counseling center in Thailand serving cross-cultural workers through counseling, soul care, debriefing, trainings, and events.

With locations in Chiang Mai, Thailand and Dolphin Bay, Thailand, the aim of The Juniper Tree is "to provide a home away from home for Christian workers on a low budget to come and enjoy the peaceful environment."

The Highbury Centre in London, UK, offers accommodation at discounted rates for full-time Christian workers.

Olive Tree Counselng Center in Turkey is dedicated to serving cross-cultural workers through counseling, trauma debriefing, workshops, and seminars. 

Tumaini Counseling Centre offers a wide range of services to missionaries in two locations: Nairobi, Kenya and Kampala, Uganda. Services include "evaluation and counseling, psychiatric care, medication management, crisis debriefings and post-trauma support, marriage and family therapy, missionary kid school support, individual mentoring and coaching, mid-and end-of-term debriefings, team-building, conflict resolution, seminars and conferences, limited distance counseling via email and Skype, and online support groups." 

Life Journey Centre is a Christian counseling center in Malaysia providing therapy, life coaching, debriefing, and mental health assessments for cross-cultural workers.

Located in Llandudno, North Wales, UK, Refresh International offers 5-day debriefing retreats every month for missionaries and cross-cultural workers.

RESAM, based in France, is a network of mental health professionals who will provide counselling and debriefing services to French-speaking Christian missionaries.

Located in eastern France, Restored and Renewed Ministry offers counseling, retreats, team building seminars, as well as a place to just get away and be refreshed. They also offer counseling remotely through video-conferencing.

Located in Corfu, The 631 Solution provides rest, pastoral care, encouragement, and equipping for cross-cultural workers in crisis or in need of renewal.

Located in Nottingham, England, Wollaton Counselling offers counseling and debriefing for adults, adolescents, and couples.

CCG Asia, located in Taiwan, offers counseling, debriefing, assessments, pastoral care, conflict resolution, and team building for Christian workers serving in Asia.

Located in Calgary, Canada, Beracah Counseling provides missionary care services including debriefing, wellness check-ups, counseling, and listening skills workshops. In addition, they run a debriefing retreat just outside Calgary in the spring and autumn.

A Lodging Place, located in Kalavasos, Cyprus, is a ministry of New Song Christian Counseling providing a place of rest and spiritual retreat through debriefing, coaching, counseling, and assessments.

Located in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, UK, Oak Biblical Counselling and Member Care offers counseling, debriefing, and assessments for missionaries in addition to courses in Member Care and Effective Biblical Counselling and in Biblical Studies and Cross-Cultural-Communications. 

Located in Upper Provence, France, Pierres Vivantes serves French-speaking ministers and missionaries with an opportunity for rest, debriefing, retreat, and counselling for ministry related issues.

Located in Belluno, Italy, Rifugio Selah is a place for missionaries to disconnect and rest. A double room with shared shower room in the home of a long-term missionary, Rifugio Selah is suitable for a single, female missionary or a married couple for a stay of 2-5 nights.

Located in Penang, Malaysia, Field Life provides coaching and care for cross-cultural workers in the form of retreats, personal getaways, and coaching workshops, which are offered online and in person.

Catalyst Intl puts on several conferences each year near Interlaken, Switzerland: a men's retreat in September, a family retreat in June/July, and a retreat for individuals and couples in September/October.

Sent Well in Malaga, Spain, offers assessments, coaching, debriefing, trauma/crisis intervention, and counseling in English and in Spanish.

Member Care Southern Africa, based near CapeTown, South Africa, offers pre-field assessment of missionary candidates, training of senders, on-field care of missionaries, re-entry care, retreats, and networking and research.

Calvary Missions Resource Connection is a ministry to missionaries and senders. Our primary goal is to provide missionaries with the information and resources they need to enable them to fulfil the ministry God has called them to. In addition, we work to equip pastors and senders with the information they need to support their missionaries as they prepare for the mission field, while they are living overseas, and upon their return to their passport country.

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