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In the process of researching a variety of practical missions resources, we came across many websites with member care resources for debriefing, counseling, and encouragement for missionaries. These are being made available on the website, but please note that the majority of these resources have not been extensively screened prior to their inclusion here. Please use your own discernment as you prayerfully seek help from these organizations, and let us know if you find any to be particularly helpful or if you have any concerns about any organization included.


Walking in Their Shoes International provides no-cost confidential on-site counseling for missionaries as well as conflict resolution, workshops, seminars, and retreats.

Located in New Berlin, Wisconsin, Caring for Others offers debriefing and counseling for missionaries both at their offices and by skype, telephone, and email.

Valeo, formerly Godspeed Resources Connection, offers counseling, evaluations, and debriefing for cross-cultural workers in their Columbia, South Carolina, offices and through video-conferencing.

New Song Christian Counseling, located in Alhaurin de la Torre, Spain, offers debriefing and counseling for missionaries on site, by Skype or in the missionary's place of service if needed. 

He Restoreth Ministries offers missionaries a 2-bedroom apartment in southern Oregon for a family retreat with or without counseling. They also offer an opportunity for missionaries to email in with issues they're facing (marriage, family, interpersonal conflict, trauma, depression) and offer internet and phone counseling.

Russell Semon is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, working in a Christian Counseling Center in Louisiana, who offers online counseling through Zoom video as well as offering CSA stress assessments and feedback as a certified coach to those who are serving or who have served in international missions. He can be reached by email at

Care Port Counseling provides "online counseling and other mental health resources for those who may not have access to counseling due to working abroad."

Located in Georgetown, Texas, Oaks Counseling offers debriefing and counseling in person, by phone and online for cross-cultural workers and missionaries and are available for field visits as their schedule permits.

Global Counseling Network, after receiving your intake questionnaire, will match an individual up with a suitable counselor from their network of over thirty counselors based around the United States . Counseling sessions are then held through digital video conferencing technology.

Listen Ministries exists for the sole purpose of providing free biblical counseling to missionaries and to pastors via Skype. Visit their website for more information.

Located in Seminole, Florida, Comapass Ministries offers support and counsel for missionaries and their families at no charge, both in person and online.

Located near Kalispell, Montana, Emmaus Encounter offers debriefing to missionaries who are going through a difficult time or are in transition. They also offer the option of virtual debriefing.

Advance Global Coaching provides Skype coaching fortnightly, assisting missionaries by providing "emotional and spiritual support for your important journey."

Located in eastern France, Restored and Renewed Ministry offers counseling, retreats, team building seminars, as well as a place to just get away and be refreshed. They also offer counseling remotely through video-conferencing.

Located in Penang, Malaysia, Field Life provides coaching and care for cross-cultural workers in the form of retreats, personal getaways, and coaching workshops, which are offered online and in person.

Located in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, Safe Place offers counseling and debriefing for missionaries as well as training on Trauma Informed Care and other issues. Counseling, debriefing, and some trainings are offered both in-person and online.

631 Solution offers debriefing, transition coaching, and spiritual direction for singles and couples at their base in Tennessee. They also offer whole-family debriefing and coaching, team trainings, and organizational consultation in other locations, with some services available remotely.

Telos International staff travel internationally to provide counseling, consultation, coaching, trainings, candidate screening, and debriefings.

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