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Support Raising Solutions has put together an article and comparison chart to help missionaries choose supporter management software that will be suitable for their particular needs.

Prayvine is a platform, available for free, that allows Christian workers to create a prayer community to facilitate communication with supporters. 

TntConnect is a free support raising tool that is available in 15 languages, supports multiple currencies, and helps missionaries manage their relationships with their ministry partners. It can be installed on Windows or Mac.

Donor Manager is a free Windows based software for missionaries that allows supported workers to manage their mailing lists, track information about their ministry partners as well as pledges and contributions, and print reports.

MPDX is a supporter management tool that is free to missionaries, helping them manage contacts, appointments, and tasks. It can integrate with Google, MailChimp, and PrayerLetters.

Support Goal is a subscription-based software for any device which helps missionaries manage donor communication and track interactions with partners.

Karani is a subscription-based donor management tool that allows missionaries to track finances and organize interaction with supporters.

Sola is a subscription-based donor management service for individuals or organisations.

Donor Elf is a subscription-based donor management software that syncs with accounting software and newsletter mailing lists.

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