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SIL's MissionHR website has excellent articles about issues facing TCKs and their families; lists of books for TCKs; and links to online resources for TCKs. They also have information on educational options, curriculum options, and international schools around the world.

The International Society of Missionary Kids is a ministry of Assemblies of God churches and is designed to meet the needs of MKs within their organization. Though much of the information is specific to AG MKs (scholarships, mission trips), the site does contain a helpful education resource and some other resources.

MK2MK is a division of Campus Crusade for Christ to support MKs. Their website has links to books, websites, blogs, videos, podcasts, and downloads relevant to MKs and their parents in the resources section.

Interaction International publishes Among Worlds Magazine, a magazine for TCKs and their parents, and Interact Magazine, which addresses issues in TCK education and care. Their website has suggestions of books and articles about TCK issues as well as a directory of international therapists familiar with the TCK experience. Additionally, they run seminars on transitioning to college, educational planning, issues related to MK care, re-entry for adults, and training those within the church who care for overseas missionaries.

TCK World contains the research of Dr. Ruth Useem who coined the term Third Culture Kids. Also included on the website are teleclasses and articles, some of which require only an email address to access, others requiring a membership.

Cross Cultural Kids is the blog of Ruth Van Renken, co-author of Third Culture Kids: Growing up Among Worlds. It contains information about TCKs, resources for them, and Van Renken's work. 

Tanya Crossman, author of Misunderstood: The Impact of Growing Up Overseas in the 21st Century, offers workshops on dealing with the challenges of raising children in a cross-cultural environment, including topics like cultivating joy, coping with change, education, transition to adulthood, and multilingual living. Her website also contains an extensive list of resources and a blog.

Mission Training International offers a pre-field preparation program for children along with their pre-field preparation for adults.

Member Care Media provides short teachings for missionaries that can be listened to online and includes teachings on TCKs as well as many other topics.

This website contains the articles and videos of Michele Phoenix, who grew up as an MK and then spent 20 years teaching TCKs. Her blog shows tremendous insight into issues and attitudes that MKs face. She has also created the MK Harbor Project, connecting young adult MKs who are transitioning back to the US with people around the country who want to support their transition.

Families in Global Transition has articles and resource lists to assist families who live overseas (not just missionaries) and hosts an annual conference.

TCK Training offers workshops, seminars, parent coaching, and consulting services for organisations as well as a blog on TCK related issues and lists of resources for TCKs and their parents.

Euro TCK is a UK-based organisation which puts on an annual TCK conference in Europe for TCK caregivers and adult TCKs. Their website also has some resources and links to issues of the Educare newsletter, containing articles on TCK issues.

TCKid Now is a community for TCKs, providing a private social networking platform and local community chapters around the US and around the world as well as TCK resources, blogs, and research.

Kaleidescope runs online groups for TCKs of all types. Though there is a fee for these groups, but they urge those for whom price is an issue to get in touch with them for a discount. They also sell TCK curriculum packages and have free resources on their website.

Communicating Across Boundaries is the blog of Marilyn Gardner, an adult Third Culture Kid who raised Third Culture Kids and author of two books on TCKs. In addition to the blog posts, the website contains lists of other TCK resources. 

The Center for Intercultural Training offers an online course on parenting Third Culture Kids.

Equipping Minds is not geared to missionaries, but they have a heart for missionaries and are very flexible on price for them. The organization has a curriculum to help people strengthen their "working memory, visual and auditory processing, attention, processing speed, logic, comprehension, and more... The program is designed to help any individual wanting to strengthen their ability to learn. This includes the typical developing student, gifted & talented, elderly (seniors), LD, SLD, ADHD, TBI, Down Syndrome and many more." In addition to the curriculum that is available on their website, they work with families all over the world by Skype.

On Raising Bilingual Children is a blog with information about raising bilingual children. The author also offers an online seminar and has written a book about bilingual families.

A ministry of Cru, TCK VOF (Third Culture Kids Virtual Online Forum) is a podcast with a focus on bringing TCKs from around the world together to learn from and challenge each other and on helping people understand their TCK friends and family.

Not specifically related to TCKs, Covenant Eyes is an internet accountability and filtering service available world-wide and they offer a discount to missionaries.

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