World Bible contains an interactive map that allows users to identify which languages are spoken in each country with links to sources for online and print Bibles in those languages.

Faith Comes by Hearing offers free audio Bibles through computer download in over 1300 languages. They also offer audio Bibles on MP3, CD, Bible 'sticks' and solar-powered digital players.

Talking Bibles International provides community leaders with audio Bibles and trains them to use the talking Bibles to share the gospel with others, equipping indigenous non-readers to become church-leaders, pastors, and missionaries to their communities. They also provide the opportunity to listen to the Bible free online in over 130 languages.

Davar Partners provides audio Bibles through solar-powered devices, internet downloads and a phone app, Audibible.

Mega Voice have a variety of solar-powered audio Bibles available on their website with the option of adding other teaching content as well. Bibles and other content are available in over 4600 languages.

Elam works to strengthen and expand the church in Iran and the surrounding region. They have an online bookstore with Bibles and Christian literature in modern Persian.

Der Gute Botschaft Verlag is a ministry with Bibles, Christian books, tracts, and flyers available in 90 different languages. 



Calvary Missions Resource Connection is a ministry to missionaries and senders. Our primary goal is to provide missionaries with the information and resources they need to enable them to fulfill the ministry God has called them to. In addition we work to equip pastors and senders with the information they need to support their missionaries as they prepare for the mission field, while they are living overseas, and upon their return to their passport country.

Missions   Resource  Connection

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