Mission Training International offers Debriefing and Renewal (DAR) 6-day retreats for the debriefing of children and adults. It is advised that missionaries attend a DAR no earlier than 4 weeks after they return to America. They are offered monthly at The Hideaway in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Link Care Center offers a one week re-entry retreat in Fresno, California, to help missionaries adjust to their return to the U.S.

Missionary Family Counseling Services provide counseling services for any missionary family returning for furlough, education or permanent residence in the U.S. either in Winston-Salem, North Carolina or by phone. Fees are charge according to ability to pay.

Missionary Resources Connection of North Carolina offers debriefing retreats for missionaries several times a year. These are conducted at the Fellowship Valley Christian Retreat Center in Clarkesville, Georgia.

Godspeed Resources Connection provides debriefing services in their offices in Columbia, South Carolina.

New Song Christian Counseling offers a 5-day debriefing retreat with lodging near Atlanta, Georgia.

Interaction International offers a two-day seminar in Wheaton, Illinois, to assist missionaries in re-entry.

Heartstream Resources offers a residential counseling program and debriefing for cross-cultural workers in Liverpool, Pennsylvania.

From Mission to Mission in Longmont, Colorado, offers re-entry workshops in various locations around the U.S. of four to ten-days for missionaries who are leaving the mission field. 

Redcliffe College, a Christian university in Gloucester, UK, offers re-entry debriefing for missionaries returning from overseas service.

Located in Joplin, Missouri, TRAIN International offers a one-week re-entry retreat to assist missionaries deal with unexpected feelings of frustration, grief, and isolation as they transition back to life in the U.S. and face reverse culture shock.

Oklahoma Christian University puts on an annual retreat for third culture kids re-entering the U.S. and their families that helps them deal with issues associated with cross-cultural living and transition.

Paracletos offers debriefing to missionaries in transition. They also have many posts on their blog with links to articles on transition in missions.

Many organizations listed on the Counseling / Debriefing / Retreats page also offer one-on-one debriefing.


For information on re-entry for Missionary Kids returning to America after high school, see the information here.



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