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IThe Jesus Film is available to watch online for free in over 1,800 languages along with other evangelical films and series.

The God's Story Project produces an 80-minute video, God's Story: From Creation To Eternity,  which presents  the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. "Throughout the Old and New Testaments, this panorama of the Scriptures highlights God's plan to rescue fallen mankind." The audio version is available free online in 22 languages and on solar powered audio players in over 300 languages.

The Solas Centre for Public Christianity "is a media and training ministry dedicated to resourcing and encouraging Christians and churches to communicate the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in the public square." The organization offers training (conferences, seminars, etc) and resources (books, magazines, podcasts, videos) to equip Christians to effectively share the Gospel.

Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship offers a variety of resources and training events to help Christians to share the Gospel in a culturally relevant way. Their materials are available in several languages.

Open the Gates provides books, pamphlets, and DVDs to educate the church on how to reach out to Muslims in their communitities. As a former Muslim who was imprisoned in Egypt for his faith, Daniel Massieh is uniquely qualified to understand the culture and needs of the Muslim community and communicate that to the church. Daniel is also available to teach seminars on the Arabic culture and the faith of Islam.

Open Air Campaigners offer training and resources to Christians interested in learning how to share their faith in the public arena using a sketch board, object lessons, and films. Additional information can be found on their international website.

Shepherd's Voice has some evangelism training videos available on their website.

Simply the Story hosts workshops in the U.S. and around the world to train individuals on their method of evangelising and discipling with story-telling and discussion.

World Missionary Press produces free evangelistic tracts, booklets, and discipleship materials in over 345 languages. These can be read online or can be delivered to the United States or overseas.

FarsiNet has links to a wide variety of Christian materials in Farsi.

The Good News Coloring Book, available for free to download and print in over 125 languages, can be used in teaching English, vacation Bible schools, nursing home ministry, hospital ministry, Christmas outreach, and refugee and immigrant ministry. 

Scriptures in Use is a training and consulting agency "focused on equipping grass roots church planters among the world’s unreached oral people groups" using Oral Bible strategies.

Galcom International provides solar-powered radios and audio players as well as products for broadcasting.

The Global Recording Network provides recorded evangelistic messages and Bible stories in over 5,000 languages


Telling God's Stories with Power: Biblical Storytelling in Oral Cultures by Paul F. Koehler

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