Following is an alphabetical list of homeschool curriculum providers and online classes with links. If you are aware of any other curriculum materials that should be added to the list, please contact us through the link below.

a variety of online Spanish courses for all ages

Christian print curriculum for 2nd-6th and a combined print and video curriculum for pre-K -12th

Christian print curriculum made up of a series of workbooks for K-12th

college-prep online classes for 7th-12th

Christian homeschool publisher producing a wide variety of curriculum materials including worktexts, online curriculum, and computer-based curriculum for pre-K -12th

free homeschool curriculum using Charlotte Mason's classically-based principles for K-12th

online and correspondence courses for 9th-12th

online courses in apologetics for 6th-12th / In their online store they also sell a variety of curriculum materials primarily in science, but with some history and math as well.

print curriculum materials in science, Bible and worldview, language arts, geography, history, and civics for pre-K - 12th; online academy with classes in Bible, apologetics, and science for 6th-12th

advanced math curriculum offered as print curriculum, onine curriculum, and online classes for 3rd-12th

online Latin and Great Books courses for 8th-12th

online courses for gifted upper elementary through lower high school students

online writing courses for 6th-12th

online writing and literature courses for 6th-12th

online science and English courses for 8th-12th

dual enrollment online courses for 11th-12th

online classes for 11th-12th for dual enrollment credit

Christian curriculum materials for K-12th available in print textbooks with a video component online, on dvds or on a hard drive

writing and language arts courses offered as home-study courses and online classes for K-12th

textbook curriculum, online curriculum, and online classes for K-12th, including dual-enrollment courses

print curriculum for worldview, science, and history for K-12th, and various other curriculum resources for composer study, English, literature, and geography

British online education for 9 years old through IGCSEs

a mentoring partner for parents homeschooling K-6th using ABeka or Sonlight materials; full online curriculum for 7th-12th

traditional Christian print curriculum materials for pre-K -12th; academy with a combination of print and digital curriculum for 6th-12th

British online school for year 7 through A-levels

online literature courses for junior and senior high students

online writing and literature classes for 6th-12th

dvd math classes for 3rd-12th

traditional Christian print curriculum for K-12th; 'plus' program that provides academic counseling, training, student testing, record keeping, report cards, diploma, transcripts

free online textbooks primarily for math and science, but with a bit of English and history as well

logic, foreign language, writing, and rhetoric curriculum and online classes for 1st-12th

history curriculum, games, and online classes for 6th-12th

various history, logic, Latin, poetry, economics, vocabulary, and filmmaking curriculum materials in print, dvd, and online streaming

online math lessons for K-12th

online classes in writing, Greek, Hebrew, and Latin

online math curriculum

literature courses for 4th-12th, writing courses for 9th-12th

online classes for gifted students in K-12th, offered by Johns Hopkins

accredited private school that provides tailored curriculum for K-12th and offers a testing service

ebooks on economics for all ages

video-based writing curriculum for middle school

various downloadable curriculum and online classes for all ages

online math, computer, and science courses for 8th-12th

online math classes for 4th-12th and online science classes for 7th-12th

online instruction for unusual hands-on topics like illustration, cooking, movie-making, mobile game design, inventor training

online Christian school for 6th-12th

free curriculum available online with complete daily lesson plans for pre-K -8th

free curriculum available online with complete daily lesson plans for 9th-12th

British curriculum provider offering Key Stage 3 science materials and IGCSE curriculum for science, history, math and English

online electronics classes for ages 8 to adult

science curriculum for pre-K -8th, online science courses for 6th-12th

online literature, grammar, computer, and Latin courses for 6th-12th

online courses in mathematics, language arts, science and computer programming for gifted children in K-12th; offered by Stanford University

literature-based print curriculum for pre-K -6th

online writing courses for 9th-12th

classical online academy for K-12th

online computer programming, Spanish, and photography classes for 6th-12th

British curriculum materials for year 3 - year 9

curriculum materials for nursery -12th with optional grading service, online classes for 3rd-8th

online courses for 9th-12th

history curriculum cds, ebooks, and online courses

print curriculum materials for K-12th

Christian college that offers free online non-credit courses which could be used in high school

homeschool history curriculum for 2nd-12th with live and recorded online classes

online writing classes for 3rd-12th, offered as a series of 6-week classes

online literature classes for 6th-12th

online Spanish classes for 3rd-12th

a wide variety of classes using Minecraft, most only 4-8 weeks long

dvd classes to accompany the Saxon math curriculum for 6th-12th grade

online classes for 5th-12th

online course on the basics of web programming for kids ages 9 and up

online art courses for 6th-adult

online high school courses

online literature and writing classes for 3rd-12th

print and online writing curriculum for K-12th with dvds to train parents

history and science unit studies, available as cds or downloadable pdfs with links to videos, readings, experiments, activities, worksheets, and games for K-8th

online British secondary school and sixth form college

online Christian school for 3rd-12th 

online math and English curriculum for K-8th

online courses for 6th-12th

unit study curriculum for K-12th

Spanish curriculum for K-8th, online Spanish classes for high school students

online courses to accompany the Tapestry of Grace curriculum

print curriculum materials for pre-K -12th

online classes for 4th-12th

live and recorded online Latin classes

online writing and literature classes for 6th-12th

language arts curriculum for 1st-12th, available in print format or as pdf download

online math courses for 8th-12th

online courses for K-12th

online literature courses for upper elementary and junior high school students

British independent school offering correspondence courses for Key Stage 3 and IGCSEs

live online math classes and interactive video math courses

online classes for 7th-12th, print curriculum for 1st-6th

online Latin and Greek classes for 9th-12th 

online classes for 6th-12th

online algebra and geometry classes

math curriculum for K-12th which includes print materials, videos, and manipulatives (offer discount to missionaries)

free British math curriculum for year R through A levels with workbooks as pdf downloads and online lessons, workbooks also available for purchase 

math workbooks for 1st-7th that can be purchased as worktexts or pdf downloads

print curriculum for pre-K -12th, online classes for 3rd-12th

print curriculum for K-8th

three courses that make up a two year program to learn CAD for 6th-adult

Christian print curriculum for pre-K -12th

online high school math classes

British online school for year 5 - year 11

free online grammar curriculum for K-12th

text and online courses for 6th-12th

parent-led and teacher-led online classes for 4th-12th (discount on teacher-led courses for individuals working with non-profits)

Christian online British school for year 7-year 13

Christian print curriculum for history, government, economics, and art for 6th-12th

video-based writing course for high school

curriculum and online courses for K-12th

directory of free online homeschool curricula and texts

rigorous online classes for gifted 6th-12th grade students

British IGCSE and A-level courses

online British curriculum for year 7 - A levels

print curriculum in history (1st-12th) and science (1st-8th) available as pdf downloads or books

Malaysian company offering IGCSE online courses and private tutoring

print curriculum, primarily for history and language arts; writing curriculum available as pdf

traditional print textbook and workbook curriculum for K-12th

online math, computer, and science classes for high school; private tutoring and SAT prep available

online science, technology, and robotics classes for 3rd-12th

recorded and live online classes to accompany Apologia science materials

a K-12th curriculum sold on cds intended to be printed off and used by the child to self-teach

traditional Christian textbook / workbook curriculum

live online and dvd classes on logic, rhetoric, literature, poetry, Latin, economics, US history, and music

rigorous online high school courses

Christian online courses for 6th-12th

Christian K-12th history, Bible, geography curriculum based on Charlotte Mason style education with suggestions and schedules available free

Christian literature-based print curriculum for K-12th, offers discount to missionaries

online Spanish curriculum for K-12th

science kits with accompanying experiment manual and dvd video library

online math instruction for pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry

Christian K-12th curriculum for history, writing, geography, literature, church history, government, philosophy, and arts

online and print courses for K-12th

live and independent study online courses for 4th-12th

Latin, Greek, and vocabulary test prep online courses for 8th-12th

online math curriculum for 6th-8th and online math, science, history, and economics courses for 9th-12th

online curriculum for K-12th

online writing curriculum for 2nd-12th

online courses for 6th-12th

courses with a combination of online and textbooks for 9th-12th

math and science courses online for 6th-12th

print curriculum for K-5th, choice of online or self-paced courses for 6th-12th

various free online classes for 3rd-12th

online writing classes using the Institute for Excellence in Writing materials for 4th-12th

online classes for 5th-12th

online live and self-paced classes for 6th-12th

online classes for 5th-12th

British curriculum materials for Key Stage 2 (7 years old) through A-levels

online classes in writing for 2nd-12th and in study skills and SAT prep

online writing courses for 6th-12th, also a pay-per-person option

online writing and grammar classes for 7th-adult

online writing classes for 6th-12th



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