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Grace Dental and Medical Missions send teams of doctors, nurses, and dentists to foreign fields to serve the local population and evangelize.

Medical Missions provides information about medical missions, from preparation and training to networking and community. It connects medical professionals with opportunities for overseas missions opportunities.

Blessings International Medicines for Missions provide pharmaceuticals, vitamins, and medical supplies to medical mission teams, clinics and hospitals.

Christian Chiropractors Association sends short-term teams of chiropractors to serve with existing local ministries to provide chiropractic care while the local ministers evangelize.

The Christian Medical & Dental Associations have a wide selection of books on medical missions and Christian ethics in medicine and information about missions organizations that provide opportunities to healthcare professionals to serve in short-term missions.

Med Missions promotes and supports medical and dental mission outreaches to the third-world and medically under-served areas.

Medical Missionary News supports the work of medical missionaries, mission hospitals, and clinics through the provision of grants, through the sponsorship of doctors, nurses, and students in their training, and through shipping containers with medical supplies to Angola, Malawi, Moldova, and Zambia. They also produce a quarterly magazine containing updates on various medical missions projects around the world.

Connecting Kids With Care can provide support to international medical clinics and can coordinate with other organisations to help get low cost medicines and medical supplies.

Medical Ambassadors International offers trainings around the world in Community Health Evangelism, "which focuses on transforming lives both physically and spiritually."

The International Christian Medical and Dental Association fulfils its mission of starting and strengthening national Christian medical and dental movements by holding regional leadership training events and providing resources and courses for local groups.

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