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MissionAssist is a British organization that offers academic services (translation, book searches, library research, adult literacy booklets), practical services (letter distribution, airport transfers and hospitality, purchasing), IT services (keyboarding, internet research, unicode file conversion), file processing (audio typing, data archiving, file formatting, media digitisation, typsetting) to missionaries.

A ministry of Frontier Ventures, the Joshua Project provides statistical information on people groups and their level of evangelization. The website includes maps and resources for presentations and handouts.

Global Mapping International provides research services and mapping services to mission leaders and Christian ministries, maintaining geographic information system software and global geographic databases. They also publish research and information collections.

Barna Group, a research group which focuses on the intersection of faith and culture, offers their research findings for purchase in addition to free articles and podcasts.

Hands to Serve, located in the Netherlands, assists missionaries with technical assistance, cars, computers and clothing.

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