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Missionary Care contains a collection of free brochures and e-books in English and Spanish. Topics of the e-books include missionary transitions, member care, Third Culture Kids, adolescence, marriage, singleness, bribery, and psychology for missionaries. Brochures cover a wide variety of topics including anger, aging parents, anxiety, attrition, etc. Missionary Care also contains a list of links to other missions support websites.

Cross Cultural Workers contains much of the same information as the website listed above but with changes in some terminology to make it useful to workers in closed locations.

Member Care Media contains short teachings for missionaries that can be listened to online. The audio recordings are divided into the following categories: addictions, anger, anxiety, attitudes and resilience, burnout, children, coaching, communication, conflict, crisis, crisis-trauma response, cross cultural living, culture shock, debriefing, depression, disappointment, encouragement, family, finances, forgiveness, friendship, gratitude, grief, language learning, leadership, marriage, mental health, personal growth, pre-field training, re-entry, relationships, resilience, self assessment, self care, servant leadership, sexuality, singleness, spiritual growth, stress, support raising, TCKs, team work, trauma response, transition, and work problems.

Barnabas International is an organization that "exists to edify, encourage, enrich and strengthen servants in ministry." They provide downloadable articles, book recommendations, and other resources on a variety of missions topics, and they provide debriefing and counseling services to missionaries.

Global Connections is a network of British churches and agencies with an interest in missions. Their website has a series of articles about many different issues related to missions. They also offer various retreats and conferences on missions.

Established in 1964, Evangelical Missions Quarterly publishes four issues each year on a wide variety of topics relevant to missions. Though they no long offer a print version of the magazine, a subscription to the online periodical includes access to previous issues.

Brigada is a free online magazine, available as an email subscription or to read online, which provides short articles about current trends and resources in missions.

Thrive Ministry is a ministry of encouragement to women from Canada and the United States who live and minister overseas. They have a free online magazine and they offer 3-4 day retreats around the world for a very reasonable price. The retreat teachings are also available to hear online.

Velvet Ashes is an online community for women serving in ministry overseas. Their website features articles, a book club, an online Friday conversation, and connection groups on Skype, on Facebook, or by email. 

Care Corps International, a crisis care ministry for caregivers in places of crisis, war and disaster, has an excellent compassion fatigue self-test on their website. If you are concerned that you may be at risk of becoming burned out, this might be a good place to start to decide if you need to seek help.

Global Trellis offers online workshops, courses and articles to help missionaries tend their souls and build their skills. Missionaries can also sign up for quarterly emails with challenges to help them grow.

The website for the American Association of Christian Counselors contains some helpful information on resources that are available and has a search function to allow visitors to find a Christian counselor near them.

Paracletos' blog contains articles (and links to more articles) on issues that are faced by missionaries and how to thrive through those difficulties.

Mission Frontiers is a bi-monthly magazine produced by Frontier Ventures available as a print subscription or free online subscription. Issues cover a wide range of topics in missiology, with a focus on establishing "indigenous and self-reproducing Church-Planting Movements among the 7000 unreached peoples of the world."

Heartstream Resources offers a residential counseling program for cross-cultural workers in Liverpool, Pennsylvania. They also have available on their website a variety of resources, including books, video series, and audio teachings.

The Center for Intercultural Training offers a variety online courses for missionaries on topics like marriage, parenting, helping new team members become oriented, culture shock, learning about culture through purposeful observation, and resilience.

Grow2Serve offers online training courses for those who are already serving overseas. Their website also contains books, articles, graphics, and audio resources.

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