Located in Columbia, South Carolina, Godspeed Resources Connection "provides assistance in locating housing, furniture, medical/professional providers, vehicles, etc."

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, Missionary Resources Connection of North Carolina "helps missionaries find cars, houses, medical assistance, a place to vacation, rides to the airport, help unloading a truck, childcare, etc."

Located in Bernville, Pennsylvania, Christian Missionary Technical Services has "a clothing bank with clothing for men, women and children in addition to household goods, appliances, and furniture" for missionaries on home visits.

The Missionary Care Center at First Baptist Atlanta is "a clothing boutique where FBA missionaries and other missionaries with various agencies are able to shop for themselves and their families free of charge."

Missionary Closet assists missionaries on home visit in America by sending them needed supplies: office suppies, toiletries, baby items, children's items, etc. Missionaries are invited to send them a list of their needs which will be mailed to them free of charge.

Located in Methuen, Massachusetts, Grace Dental and Medical Missions provide free or low-cost dental care for missionaries in the U.S. on home visit.

The Christian Chiropractors Association offers gratis (as determined by individual doctors) chiropractic care for field missionaries while on home visits.



Missions   Resource  Connection

Calvary Missions Resource Connection is a ministry to missionaries and senders. Our primary goal is to provide missionaries with the information and resources they need to enable them to fulfill the ministry God has called them to. In addition we work to equip pastors and senders with the information they need to support their missionaries as they prepare for the mission field, while they are living overseas, and upon their return to their passport country.

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