The International Children's Education Department of SIL website has a page with information about boarding schools.

The Association of Christian Schools International allow people to search their database for Christian schools in their area which are members of the association.

International Schools Services has an interactive map allowing people to locate international schools in their area which are registered with the organization. There is also a print version of the directory with more extensive information about the schools in the directory.

The Network of International Christian Schools is a network of ninetten Christian schools around the world. Their website has the schools listed by continent with information about each school.

OSCAR, a UK information service for world mission, has a listing of mission and Christian schools abroad as well as a listing of UK private schools that offer scholarships to children of missionaries.


Black Forest Academy is a Christian boarding and day school in Kandern, Germany.

Nicaragua Christian Academy is a Christian international school in Managua, Nicaragua.

Rainforest International School is an English language Christian school in Yaounde, Cameroon with a residential option.

Please note that inclusion of schools is not an endorsement of them. They have been recommended to us, but we have no direct knowledge of the schools. Feel free to recommend any international schools that you are aware of using the 'Contact Us' button below.



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