TCK Academy provides recordings of interviews and tele-conferences for adult TCKs, some available for free and others available to members only.

Interaction International publishes a magazine for adult TCKs called Among Worlds Magazine. In addition, they run seminars on transitioning to college and re-entry.

Mu Kappa International is a fraternal organization for MKs on several college campuses across North America. Their website also has links to online resources for MKs.

Denizen is an online magazine for TCKs with essays, articles and stories about TCKs. This is generalized to all TCKs, not just MKs, so some information may not be applicable, and there are some references to Halloween parties and the like, but it's still a great resource for teen TCKs and adult TCKs, to help them understand that they are not alone in their experiences.

MK Hub is, "An online hub for MK-related fare contributed by worldwide Missionaries’ Kids."

The MK Lounge is a private Facebook group for MKs who are 17 and older who "want to engage in thoughtful conversation on a broad range of topics