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Columbia International University in Columbia, South Carolina, has a strong emphasis on ministry and missions with programs at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels, including some online masters programs.

Emmaus Road International offers a range of missions training courses varying from a team orientation course lasting several hours to a 10 week total immersion in a second culture. Their website also contains information in the form of MP3, DVD, and whitepaper downloads in their Media Library.

Offered in churches all across the United States, Perspectives is a fifteen-week course designed around four vantage points or "perspectives" - Biblical, Historical, Cultural, and Strategic. Each one highlights different aspects of God's global purpose.

Designed for cross-cultural workers and available to be studied anywhere in the world, World Christian Foundations is a 32 semester credit hour master's study program or a 48 semester credit hour undergraduate study program with a mission perspective.

Foundations of the World Christian Movement is a 10-week, graduate level, 2-unit course giving an overview of world history with an emphasis on the impact of Christianity on culture and human development as well as principles of cross-cultural communication of biblical faith.

Offered by Frontier Ventures in Pasadena, California and Fallbrook, California, INSIGHT (Intensive Study of Integrated Global History and Theology), a one-year course blending an education experience with discipleship and missions training, is a cross-disciplinary program giving an integrated study of philosophy, science, world religions, culture, and faith in the global context.

Mission Training International offers a four-week pre-field training course in Palmer Lake, CO, for adults, teens, and children. Their program includes practical skills, language learning skills, and preparation for personal vitality and healthy relationships.

Located between Asheville and Charlotte, North Carolina, the Center for Intercultural Training offers two courses for adults, a four-week course on second language acquisition and a two-week course on equipping for cross-cultural life and ministry. They also offer concurrent courses for children and teens and a variety of on-line courses.

Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois, offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate level programs in their School of Mission, Ministry, and Leadership. Additionally, their Institute for Cross-Cultural Training offers online courses in second-language learning, culture and ministry, ESL teaching, and language coaching.

Worldview Resource Group offers training and seminars with an emphasis on preparing missionary leaders to address worldview in their evangelization and ministry.

Equip International in Western North Carolina offers courses on farming, wells and water filtration, community health and medicine, as well as other practical topics for missionary preparation.

The ministry of Simply the Story trains people to be able to prepare and share Bible stories and passages of Scripture orally and through discussion to reach the unreached, particularly those without the ability to read.

Interaction International offers a three-day training seminar for missions personnel who work in MK/TCK care to help them understand issues regarding identity, transition, and flow of care.

The CCTECC program of Interaction International gives an overseas student teaching experience to education majors from member colleges, allowing them to do their student teaching at overseas schools.

Redcliffe College, located in Gloucester, England, offers a blend of practical and Biblical training for cross-cultural mission, leadership, member care, and linguistics.

All Nations Christian College, an independent, evangelical, interdenominational mission training college located in Hertfordshire, England, offers a wide variety of courses, some online and some residential, ranging from a few days in length to graduate degrees. Their purpose is to "train and equip men and women for effective participation in God's mission to His multicultural world."

The Professional Association of Cross-Cultural Consultants in Education (PACE) offers an online course to prepare parents to deal with educating their children while living overseas.

Interaction International offers an educational planning seminar in Wheaton, Illinois, to help guide parents through decisions about educational options for expats. The seminar covers many topics including educational options, second language issues, creating an educational plan, choosing homeschool curriculum, and preparing your children for transitions.

Located in Joplin, Missouri, TRAIN International offers a two-week course which combines wilderness expedition with classroom instruction to "illuminate challenges on the field and equip you with methods for surmounting them."

TIMO, a ministry of Africa Inland Mission, is a two to three year missions training program for those interested in long-term ministry overseas. It involves language, culture, and ministry training by being part of a team learning together while living among an unreached people group in Africa.

A ministry of Global Frontier Missions, Missionary Training School is an online training course made up of twenty modules and is intended to equip people for serving cross-culturally with unreached people groups. The course can be completed in as little as six months or can be done more slowly as students work at their own pace. Modules can also be taken individually for those who don't want to complete the full course.

With a main campus in Murietta, California and affiliate campuses all over the world, Calvary Chapel Bible College offers a focus on missions and evangelism within the degree program. In addition, the Peru campus has a particular emphasis on missions.

The School of Mission at the Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe campus in Tbilisi, Georgia, is a one year missions training course which involves two semesters of study, a summer term, and a forty day outreach practicum.

The mission of Sowing Seeds of Joy is "to connect, equip, train, and mobilize all people, with a special emphasis on people of color, to advance God’s Kingdom through global missions." As part of its ministry, it offers several courses on missions training.

Medical Ambassadors International offers trainings around the world in Community Health Evangelism, "which focuses on transforming lives both physically and spiritually."

Culture Bound offers a variety of courses on culture and language acquisition for missionaries in several formats: online or on-site, self-directed, personal coaching, or cohort style

Based near Toronto, Canada, Mission Prep offers interactive training programs for the entire family in cross-cultural life and ministry, language acquisition strategies, and debriefing the missionary experience.

Didasko Intercultural Ministry Training offers free online courses on missions: The Bible and Missions, Missions 101, and Roles in Missions

Upstream Collective offers a four day training course for Marketplace Workers, with sessions on cultural adaptation, transition, marriage and raising kids overseas, cultural contextualization, soul care, and spiritual warfare.

Access Truth offers several courses with online lessons and books that can be downloaded or purchased. Their main curriculum is broken up into modules covering God's narrative, communication, linguistics, culture and more. Their Going Global workbook accompanies 10 30-minute video lessons. In addition, several short series are also available.


Support Raising Solutions offers a two day support raising bootcamp, based on the book The God Ask by Steve Shadrach, in various locations around the United States to teach potential missionaries how to develop a support team.

Located in Oak Brook, Illinois, the organization People Raising offers one and two-day conferences, based on the book of the same name, to train individuals on support raising techniques. They also have a dvd set and related materials on their website.

Didasko Intercultural Ministry Training offers a free online course on personal fundraising for missionaries.

Global Trellis offers an online workshop on support raising from the field.

Provisio Fundraising offers an online curriculum and one-on-one coaching for missionaries as well as a blog with articles about support-raising and communicating with one's partners.

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