Harvesters Scholarship Foundation provides scholarships to individulas desiring to serve in missions upon completion of their education.

Columbia International University in Columbia, South Carolina, offers several scholarships to individuals intending to serve in overseas missions.

Wheaton College offers loan/scholarships to their graduate school for individuals intending to serve as missionaries. For every year of international service after graduation, twenty-five persent of the loan is forgiven and beccomes a scholarship.

The Christian Medical and Dental Associations have a list of scholarships available to medical students and residents wishing to go into full-time missions after graduation.

Calvary Missions Resource Connection is a ministry to missionaries and senders. Our primary goal is to provide missionaries with the information and resources they need to enable them to fulfil the ministry God has called them to. In addition, we work to equip pastors and senders with the information they need to support their missionaries as they prepare for the mission field, while they are living overseas, and upon their return to their passport country.

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